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Sunday, 13 February 2011

Saltaire Triple Chocoholic

This beer sampled at: Walter's Bar, Scale Lane, Hull  

BREWED BY: Saltaire Brewery, County Works, Dockfield Road, Shipley, BF17 7AR  
AVAILABILITY: Seasonal. Normally only available in winter, but occasionally produced at other times depending on demand. Bottled version also available.
ALCOHOL BY VOLUME: 4.8% (1 pint = 2.7 UK units)
APPEARANCE: Jet black with a  coffee coloured head
FLAVOUR: Aromas of coffee and of drinking chocolate. This is clearly a stout, though of the old 'cream stout' variety rather than the more common dry 'irish' stout type. The flavour of semi-bitter chocolate is prominent, but without any added sweetness to override the basic cream stout taste. If you're expecting something to remind you of childhood days, munching on chocolate bars, you'll be disappointed, as the chocolate flavour in this beer is more subtle, more sophisticated and a much more 'grown up' chocolate taste.
APPEAL: OCCASIONAL. Certainly one for chocolate lovers, and will appeal to those who enjoy sweeter stouts.

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