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Friday, 11 March 2011

O'Hanlon's Port Stout

This beer sampled at: The Zachariah Pearson, Beverley Road, Hull

BREWED BY: O'Hanlon's Brewing Company Ltd, Great Barton Farm, Whimple, Devon  EX5 2NY
AVAILABILITY: Generally available, all year round; bottled variety also available.
ALCOHOL BY VOLUME: 4.8% (1 pint = 2.7 UK units)
APPEARANCE: Almost black, except for a ruby glow. Bubbly coffee coloured head.
FLAVOUR: Rich and creamy with well balanced roasted malt and hop flavours. Distinctive spice and liquorice background, with coffee and caramel aftertastes.
APPEAL: FREQUENT. A rich, very drinkable, semi-dry, semi-sweet stout.

1 comment:

Johnny said...

One of my personal favourite beers, I was lucky to sample this at the York beer festival many years ago and it won the best beer at the festival.