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Friday, 11 March 2011

Ramsbury Brewery Kennet Valley

This beer sampled at: The Zachariah Pearson, Beverley Road, Hull

BREWED BY: The Ramsbury Brewery, Priory Farm, Axford, Marlborough, Wiltshire  SN8 2HA
AVAILABILITY: Generally available, all year round.
ALCOHOL BY VOLUME: 4.1% (1 pint = 2.3 UK units)
APPEARANCE: Slightly cloudy, golden blonde, with a thinnish bubbly head.
FLAVOUR: Aromas both floral and fruity with hints of green tea, hit the nose even before the first taste. A very fruity bitterness is evident with only a slight sweetness present.There are floral aftertastes, specifically of jasmine, that bring out the green tea again in the aftertaste.
APPEAL: OCCASIONAL. The fruity bitterness is pleasant, but the floral flavours are a little too pronounced for my own personal taste.

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