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Friday, 13 May 2011

Lymestone Stone The Crows

This beer sampled at: The Three John Scotts, Lowgate, Hull

BREWED BY: Lymestone Brewery, The Old Brewery, Mount Road, Stone, Staffordshire ST15 8LL 
AVAILABILITY: Generally available, year round.
ALCOHOL BY VOLUME: 5.4% (1 pint = 3.1 UK units)
APPEARANCE: Very dark brown, almost black, but with ruby coloured tones. Head is thinnish and cream coloured.
FLAVOUR: Bitter-sweet with a roasted, almost burnt malt bitterness blended with vine fruit sweetness and citrus fruit tang.
APPEAL: FREQUENT. A dark ale, with hints of a dry stout (though not quite as bitter,) or of a porter.

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