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Thursday, 17 November 2011

Exe Valley Exeter Old Bitter

This beer sampled at: The William Wilberforce, Trinity House Lane, Hull

BREWED BY: Exe Valley Brewery, Land Farm, Silverton, Devon EX5 4HF
AVAILABILITY: Generally available, year round.
ALCOHOL BY VOLUME: 4.8% (1 pint = 2.7 UK units)
APPEARANCE: Very dark amber; tight white head.
FLAVOUR: Nutty & malty though smooth and not over sweet. Very subtly hopped, so the bitterness hardly comes through and then more as an aftertaste. There are floral and slightly fruity overtones, though these don't really infringe too much on the highlight maltiness.
APPEAL: FREQUENT. Seems like a candidate for a session brew due to its soft smoothness, though its strength may prove it to be a little hard to handle in an extended session

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