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Sunday, 27 January 2013

Milestone Dark Galleon

This beer sampled at: Walter's Bar, Scale Lane, Hull 
BREWED BY: Milestone Brewery, Great North Road, Cromwell, Newark, Nottinghamshire NG23 6JE
AVAILABILITY: Generally available, year round. Bottled version also available.
APPEARANCE: Very dark ruby, with a thin though creamy white head.
FLAVOUR: Liquorice aromas are detectable well before the first taste. Rich and malty with an overlying liquorice flavour. other flavours: nuts, spice, raisins & chocolate are also detectable. Any slight bitterness is very understated and is eclipsed by the various other flavours.
APPEAL: OCCASIONAL. A strong rich unusual brew that provides an interesting and pleasant occasional treat. The overall liquorice character though, prevents it appealing to me as a regular tipple.

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